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influenza canina o influenza dei cani    influenza comune
Influenza aviaria o influenza dei polli e influenza canina o influenza dei cani influenza canina o influenza dei cani
About the author
Giovanni Giannotti M.D.

Having gained a degree in Medicine and Surgery at the UniversitÓ degli Studi in Milan, Giovanni Giannotti presently operates a medical practice as Homeopath.

Having received a degree at the C.D.O. in Milan with a thesis entitled "Panic attacks and Homeopathy", he is now a member of the "Federazione Italiana Associazione Medici Omeopati" (FIAMO) and of the international equivalent (LIGA).

Author of the famous book "SARS, a proposition for its treatment", Ler editions.

His next book will soon be published. It is entitled "Electrosensitivity: its treatment"a pathology defined by the author as belonging to the third millennium.

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